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Meet ‘cultural norm’, he kills girls: The tragedy of son or daughter brides

The UN expresses concern about maternal mortality among kids, but member that is few are able to confront the problem

This week a court in Birmingham heard the situation of a 14-year-old woman whom became expecting after she ended up being taken fully to Pakistan against her will and forced to marry a 24-year-old guy.

A case that is shocking discover the facts of, such incidents are, regretfully, not a rarity. Each 12 months around the world two million girls aged 14 and younger become mothers. They are doing therefore mostly since they are now living in communities that consider them very little more than property.

The whole world wellness Organization estimates that girls having a baby aged significantly less than 15 are five times as prone to perish. Pregnancy is the key reason behind death for females amongst the many years of 15 and 19 in low and income that is middle.

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The UN expresses concern about maternal mortality among kids, but the majority of of its user states will likely not confront the alleged cultural norms that perpetuate poverty, enduring and lack of knowledge within the world that is developing. They protect dangerous traditions bad for girls and ladies simply because they argue they have been central with their culture. What's much more, some Western academics and NGOs avoid challenging these traditions since they desire to appear respectful of variety. They forget that the Atlantic servant trade had been our custom.